• 19th August 2019

AGNC statement on training courses that claim to be about genetic counselling

The Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors are aware of courses in the UK that claim to be about genetic counselling and claim to train people to become genetic counsellors. We urge any potential applicants to be aware of false advertising and false promises.

We strongly advise that any course about the practice of genetic counselling should be delivered by tutors who are genetic counsellors themselves.  Courses delivered only by scientists, geneticists and industry professionals, who have no personal experience or training in genetic counselling, should re-name their course material to remove the words ‘genetic counselling’, so as not to mislead applicants.

As the availability of genomic testing increases, many nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals are seeking to upskill in aspects of genomic science and genetic counselling to support their clinical practice. Some of the courses available will be helpful in this endeavour. However, this does not mean that they will automatically be recognised as part of the genetic counsellor training pathway.

There are clear, established and accredited training routes to become a genetic counsellor in the UK. All potential applicants should check whether the course they are applying to has been accredited by the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board; details of recognised training routes can be found here: https://www.agnc.org.uk/about-us/training-to-become-a-genetic-counsellor/.

August 27th 2019, written by the AGNC Committee