• 27th April 2020

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  • 28th April 2020

The AGNC annual 2-day conference 2020 will be held in Nottingham from Monday 27th to Tuesday 28th April at Trent Vineyards Conferencing Centre. This event will be an excellent networking opportunity and a chance to celebrate our profession. We will be welcoming academic poster submissions and will be posting more information soon on submitting abstracts. Save the date! Further details and agenda to follow.

Abstract submission instructions

There is a 200 word maximum for abstracts. Those submitting an abstract can choose whether their abstract should be considered for spoken presentation or poster. Submissions for spoken presentation which cannot be accommodated in the main programme will automatically be considered for a poster.(poster sizes – A0 or A1 portrait)

To submit an abstract please log into mySociety (or if you are a non-member please create a mySociety account), then click "events and conferences" at the top of the screen 

The deadline to submit an abstract is midday 28th February

Our core themes this year include: reflective practice, polygenic scores, variant interpretation, genomics in mainstream healthcare and management in selected complex genetic conditions. 

Confirmed key speakers include Dr Toby Andrew (Imperial College, London), Dr Mohnish Suri (Clinical Lead, National Paediatric AT Clinic, Dr Matt Hall (Lead, UK Pregnancy and CKD Rare Disease Group) and Dr Tabitha Randell (Chair-Elect, BSPED).

In response to feedback from the New Genetic Counsellor group, the conference includes a symposium dedicated to reflective case discussion. We will be asking for volunteer Genetic Counsellors who have completed training to lead small group discussions centred on a case they have been involved with.  An official call for volunteers will follow in the New Year.

Registration will open in mid-February – details to follow.