Genetic Counsellor Training Panel

The Genetic Counsellor Training Panel was initially developed to support trainees on the Department of Health sponsored scheme.  This fully funded scheme was aimed at training 50, mainly post MSc, band 6, GCs towards registration.   Trainees used a learning contract to structure their training with a mentor and completed reports at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months to the GCTP, who provided constructive feedback for trainees and their Departments.  Since the end of the DOH-sponsored scheme the GCTP has continued to monitor reports from centres who chose to continue to use the learning contract. The original pack can be found at the bottom of the page.

New Remit

As few centres now use the learning contract and training of GCs has changed with the development of the STP programme, the remit of the training panel has been reviewed and modified.   The new focus and aim of the panel is to support (primarily non STP) Genetic Counsellors who are new to their role and working towards GCRB Registration.  The main remit is therefore: 

  • to help support training of new Genetic Counsellors

  • to facilitate peer support and learning opportunities

  • to provide guidance and support for regional centres (including those who are not approved STP training centres) that wish to support pre-registration Genetic Counsellors

  • to work in conjunction with the AGNC and GCRB in supporting the development of the Genetic/Genomic Counselling profession

  • to Liaise with the New GC Group to support training

Trainee Days

The GCTP has organised annual New GC days for pre registration GCs for the last 5 years.  These provide an opportunity for new GCs to interact, present and discuss challenging or instructive clinical cases, take part in counselling or clinical training.  Dates for New GC days and feedback are posted on the New GC Group section of this website.

Development of a New GC Training Pack

The GCTP has developed a guide for new GCs to facilitate structured training based around competencies required for GCRB registration.  The guide includes advice regarding mentorship, continuing professional development opportunities and tips for preparing for registration. 

The new GC training pack can be found here as a PDF, and here as a Word document.

For any queries about this please contact the GCTP.  The current members of the GCTP are:

Natalie Ellery

Helen Jolley

Sian Nisbet

Sarah James

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