AGNC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee

Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Sub-committee

Vision, Mission and Values Statements

September 2023

These are intended to be read alongside, and to support, the AGNC Vision, Mission and Values.


Our vision is that EDI values are supported and enacted in our work as genetic counsellors, centred to champion the needs of the underserved for the benefit of our patients and one another.


Our mission as the EDI Sub-committee is to:

  • Encourage, educate, and constructively challenge behaviours within the genetic counselling workforce to foster EDI values in our work with patients and how we work with each other.
  • Use our position to advocate for those families with rare and genetic conditions whose voices may not be heard.


Our values align with those of the AGNC

Our remit is both responsive and proactive. It will evolve and be updated in response to the changing needs of the workforce and requests from the AGNC membership.

To work towards this vision, mission and values, we have assessed our current remit as incorporating the following.


  • Act as an information and guidance resource on EDI issues for the AGNC professional body and its members.
  • Encourage and plan professional training and education which support AGNC members to foster EDI values.
  • Highlight and work to remove the barriers that prevent groups from accessing genetics services.
  • Provide resources to help genetics professionals access information that will enable them to meet the needs of minorities/groups within the community.
  • Work towards and support EDI solutions becoming embedded in genomic healthcare.
  • Ensure that EDI-related concerns, challenges and needs of AGNC members and genetics patients are fed back to the appropriate groups and that these are considered in future actions.
  • Champion the needs of the underserved, both within the workforce and patient groups to make their voices heard. 
  • Liaise with other bodies about EDI matters, including BSGM and GCAB.
  • Work in line with the values of the AGNC.


Sub -Committee Members

Although the subcommittee works collaboratively without a hierarchical structure, a task-based model maintains the group's core functions.

Rachel Belk (Document management)

Danielle Newby (Administration)

Sasha Henriques (Main AGNC committee liaison, teaching and education development)

Anita Matadeen (External professional body liaison)

David Walker (External professional body liaison)

Josephine Giblin (External professional body liaison)

Beth Coad (Teaching and education development)

Emily Clarke (Website development and maintenance) 




Recordings of teaching sessions can be found in the members section.

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