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  • Individual MSc modules - Cardiff

    We are able to offer individual modules from the Master's course in genetic counselling to part-time students. The aim is to enable students who are currently working in the field of clinical genetics or genetic counselling to access education related to their professional practice.

    Modules available are:

     - Counselling and Communication Skills (modules I & II)
     - Topics in Genetic Counselling (modules I & II)
     - General Molecular & Cytogenetics
     - Genetics & Human Disease
     - Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics
     - Residential Ethics (a block of our dats in Mid-Wales over March/ April)
     - Probability
     - Genetics in the Community 

    Except for the Residential Ethics course, each module is taught on either Thursday or Friday throughout each semester of 12 weeks.

    Fees for individual modules are available on request.

    Students who wish to study one of more modules should contact Angus Clarke for discussion.

    For an information pack, please contact:

    Helen O'Hara
    Institute of Medical Genetics
    University Hospital Heath Park
    CF14 4XN


  • Applied Genetics in Health and Disease

    Venue: Nottingham

    For further information, please contact:

    Mary Wilde
    Tel: 0115 962 7728

  • MSc in Medical Genetics

    For further information, please contact:

    Anne Therainlt
    Course Administrator
    Duncan Guthrie Institute of Medical Genetics
    Yorkhill Hospital
    G3 8SJ

    Click here for link to University of Glasgow for more information

  • BSc in Human Genetics

    Venue: University of Newcastle

    For further information, please contact:

    Dr. Megs Rogers
    Degree Programme Director
    0191 222 7443 

    Dr. Susan Lindsay
    Course Advisor
    0191 222 8745

    University of Newcastle
    School of Biochemistry and Genetics
    Media School
    Framlington Place
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE2 4HH