Genetic Counsellor Training Post Scheme

The Department of Health funded training scheme for Genetic counsellors has ended. This scheme was very successful and to date has resulted in 40 genetic counsellors gaining GCRB registration. Trainees in the last phases of the scheme who completed their training more recently, have all indicated that they intend to submit their intention to register in due course.

The Genetic Counsellor Training Panel (GCTP) remains committed to offering structured support to centres who continue to employ trainee genetic counsellors. A number of Band 6 posts have been created within individual regional genetic centres. Some centres have opted to train their trainees whilst continuing to be overseen by the Training Panel.  A learning contract is drawn up by the trainee, together with their mentor, and these are monitored by the panel to ensure that the trainee's learning needs are being met.  Evaluation reports are completed at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months to include progress andany obstacles together with comments by both the trainee and mentor.

Centres who take on a trainee must fulfil the criteria to be an approved training centre. This too is monitored by the GCTP and centres need to renew their validation every 5 years. It is the aim of the AGNC that all training posts be monitored by the GCTP. If your centre is interested in support from the training panel with Band 6 training, please do get in contact.

Information pack for training centres.

The Future

The GCTP is keen to support centres in their efforts to embed recurrent training posts within their own departments. However, as the only professional group within Clinical Genetics who do not have centralised funding for training, we are seeking to address this issue. We are actively pursing options to try and secure funding for future high quality genetic counsellor training in the UK. We are working closely with the AGNC committee and have made contacts with all the relevant professional groups and Health Education England and we hope to make significant progress with our aims.

Please feel free to contact the GCTP panel members if you have any questions or suggestions.

Panel members:

Sue Kenwrick (Chair)                        

Claire Dolling                                     

Rhona MacLeod                                


Training Panel Terms of Reference



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