Travel Awards

There are several awards which members of the AGNC may apply for.  For a summary of these please  click here

Applicants should complete the  on-line application form  and e-mail this to the AGNC secretary.


Previous Travel Award Recipients:

Cheryl Stopford: £300 (2017)

Kelly Kohut: £500 (2017)

Eleanor McVeigh: £300 (2016)

Harriet Jones: £300 (2016)

Emily Lamb: £300 (2015)

Shan Owens: £150 (2015)

Beverley Speight: £150 (2015)

Tammy Kammin: £300 (2015)

Sian Jenkins: £300 (2014)

Elizabeth Alexander: £150 (2014)

Anita Matadeen: £150 (2014)

Hannah Shipman: £300 (2014)

Vicky Hunt: £150 (2014)

Barbara Carmichael Memorial Award

The AGNC committee has recieved funds in the form of donations from colleagues of Barbara Carmichael who sadly died in 2005, to fund the above award. During her professional career, Barbara was involved with the Fragile X Society. The award is intended to contribute to the cost of fees relating to an AGNC member attdening a study day or conference relating to learning disabilities or Fragile X Syndrome.

Please complete the same form if this fund applies to your application.