Job Profiles

Professional Roles in the Multidisciplinary Team in Clinical Genetics - A Framework for Practice prepared by a Working Party of the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors and Clinical Genetics Society.

AGNC Guidelines for Job Plans

These job plans are based upon a WTE of 37.5 hours per week for 44 weeks of the year, broken down into 38 sessions per 4 week cycle. (Session = 3.75 hours). This allows 2 flexible sessions per 4 week period for urgent referrals, extra travel or other unplanned work. (total 40 sessions).


Type of work


  6 7 Clinical 8a Management 8a
Direct Clinical Care        
Patient interaction - direct autonomous including significant telephone counselling* 0-6 dependent on experience 8 8 6
Clinic preparation/record keeping/co-ordination from actions/ 'clinical' travel 10 9 8 6

Ongoing case management/case discussion/clinical meetings/on call advice (on call - not band 6)

8 10 10 7
Co-counselling clinics1 6 4 2 2
Non-direct Clinical Care        
Networking/teaching 1 2 2 2
Personal and others'development2/CPD/supervision/mentoring/registration activities3 6 - 12 adjust with above 3 5 4
Service development e.g. audit/research/patient pathways/protocols and guidelines 1 3 3 3
Management responsibilities4 0 0 0 8
Total 38 38 38 38


Explanatory Notes:

A clinic session would normally be expected to consist of four 45 minute slots.

Follow-up appointments can be accomodated within a clinic template.

Sessions maybe negotiated locally to accomodate complex cases requiring longer or shorter results appointments.

* Significant telephone counselling would be a telephone call to a patient that involved both information collecting and giving and would be expected to last at least 20 minutes.

For peripheral clinics or home visits, time has been allowed for travel to and from these sessions within the working hours. If an individual does not require travel time, then this time could be utilised elsewhere.

1Co-counselling is defined by the AGNC committee as:

·        Attending consultant clinic as co-counsellor (not as an observer)

·        Attending SpR clinics as co-counsellor or supervisor

·        Peer supervision opportunities

·        Colleague support or joint MDT clinics 

2It is not envisaged that Band 6 post holders will be involved in the personal development of others except being a trainee for a band 7 mentor.

3In recognition that genetic counsellors will need to maintain or apply for registration, the equivalent of almost 1 session per week is allocated to CPD and opportunity for supervision. The GCRB requires (and the AGNC committee endorses) that individuals can evidence 30 hours of CPD per year and can demonstrate regular access to counselling supervision. Registration activities are intended to include compiling a portfolio for submission, maintenance of registration, assessing portfolios and mentoring individuals for registration. 

4The ratio of management: clinical commitments will vary according to local requirements. The above job plan allocates 20% management , 20% non-clinical and 60% clinical.

Management roles may include attending/ chairing meetings, developing policies, managing staffing levels and performing IPRs, liaising with the business manager and lead clinicians on a regular basis.

These job plans are based upon an assumption that administrative support for genetic counsellers is in place. This support would be expected to include:

  • Typing dictation or formatting of externally types letters
  • Arranging clinic appointments and preparing clinics with hospital and genetic records
  • Obtaining hospital records as requested
  • Filing
  • Photocopying
  • and that the waiting list would be managed by the admin staff/ manager 

The AGNC committee feel that the above tasks are not appropriate to be undertaken by highly trained and expensive genetic counsellers.