Constitution proposed amendments 2004

All references to the Association are to the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors.

All references to the committee are to the AGNC committee.


Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors


Accepted 11th September 1995

Amended 11th September 2000

Amended 17th September 2004


  1.  The name of the Association shall be the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors.
  2. The objectives of the association are:

    a) To advance and enhance the standard of care for those seeking genetic counselling, diagnosis of or screening for inherited disease.

    b) To support members and promote their role in the genetic team. 

    To do this it will bring together members for the purposes of education and the dissemination of knowledge relating to areas of practice as well as mutual support. It will also maintain and monitor a self-regulation system to enhance quality of care. In furtherance of these objectives but not otherwise the society may issue statements, reports and research findings.

  3. The Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors will form one of the founding constituent groups of the British Society for Genetic Medicine and will fully participate in the activities of the British Society for Genetic Medicine                                                                                       
  4. The membership of the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors shall be open to genetic nurse specialists and genetic associates together with other disciplines involved in the care and management of families affected by genetic disease. All members of the Association shall be members of the British Society for Genetic Medicine.
  5. The Association shall consist of ordinary, senior members. All members shall be entitled to speak and vote upon any matter brought before a meeting of the Association. Only ordinary members of the Association shall be entitled to be elected as officers or committee members of the Association.
  6. Candidates for ordinary membership shall fill in an application form and be nominated by at least 2 members of the Association in writing at least 4 weeks before the AGM.
  7. Candidates for ordinary membership shall be recommended by the committee for election at any business meeting of the Association. If there be any objection to a candidate by an AGNC member his or her nomination will be referred back to the committee for further consideration.
  8. Ordinary members on retirement from their professional appointment may become senior members at a reduced subscription.
  9. The membership fee shall be reviewed at the AGM.
  10. Non-payment of subscription within six months after it is due shall be considered equivalent to resignation.
  11. The committee of the Association shall concern itself with organisational, policy and administrative matters. It shall consist of seven members to include a chairman, vice chairman, and secretary and treasurer. At the discretion of the committee other ordinary members may be designated to represent the association on other bodies such as the Genetic Interest Group, or the organising committee for the British Society for Genetic Medicine conference. 
  12. Decisions of the committee shall be by simple majority vote of those present.  But would need to include 5 members including 2 officers
  13. The committee should meet at least twice a year.
  14. The offices of chairperson, vice chairman, and secretary and treasurer shall be for three years. Each officer may serve no more than two consecutive terms of office.
  15. No one person shall simultaneously hold more than one position on the committee
  16. No committee member or officer should serve more than six consecutive years on the committee.
  17. The members of the committee shall be directly elected by the membership. The officers will be elected from the committee by the committee at its first meeting after the AGM.

    17aIf a committee member or officer resigns prior to the end of Their period of office or term, the committee will appoint to fill the vacancy and this will be ratified at the next AGM.
  18. The officers' posts shall be honorary. Reimbursement will be made for 'out of pocket' expenses incurred by the committee in the execution of the business of the Association.
  19. At least 8/12 weeks before the AGM the secretary will notify the membership of vacancies on the committee. The membership will be invited to nominate members for election, which must be accompanied by a signature of willingness to stand.  Elections will be by electronic vote and results will be announced at the AGM. If the number of nominations do not exceed the number of posts available; those nominated will be deemed elected subject to ratification by a simple majority vote at the AGM.
  20. The Association shall support at least one meeting a year during which there will be an AGM.
  21. The committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time.
  22. Twenty five percent of ordinary members may call an emergency meeting giving at least six weeks notice of the motion to be put to the Association. All members will be notified of the time, place and agenda of any meeting at least three weeks in advance.
  23. The committee shall arrange the agenda for the AGM. Any members wishing to have matters included on the agenda must inform the secretary in writing at least six weeks before the AGM.
  24. The quorum for the AGM shall be twenty five percent of ordinary members and five committee members including at least two officers.
  25. The secretary shall record and circulate minutes of the AGM. Minutes of committee meetings will be available through the secretary on request.
  26. This constitution may not be altered except at an AGM and any proposals shall be made in writing by the committee or at least ten percent of members. In the latter case the proposal must reach the secretary by at least eight weeks before the AGM. The proposal shall be circulated to the members at least four weeks before the above meeting and it shall be decided by a two-thirds majority vote of those present.
  27. The income and property of the Association shall be used solely for the promotion of the objectives of the Association. If upon winding up or dissolution of the Association any funds remain these shall not be distributed among the members of the organisation but shall be given or transferred to some charitable institution having similar objectives which also prohibits distribution of its income or property among its members. The specific institution shall be determined by the members, prior to the dissolution.

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