About Us

About Us

About the AGNC

The Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellor's is an organisation representing genetic counsellors, genetic nurses and non-medical, patient-facing staff working within the discipline of Clinical Genetics, NHS Genomic Medicine Centres and wider healthcare settings.

The AGNC is one of give constituent groups of the BSGM.

There are now 310 AGNC members within the UK (November 2012).         

For more information about AGNC and how to become a member please click here. \to join the AGNC yahoo group click here.


The aims of the association include:

  • to provide support for professionals working in the field 
  • to provide support for professionals working in the field
  • to provide forums for education and scientific meetings
  • to represent the views of the profession
  • to prescribe good standards of clinical practice
  • to liaise and collaborate with other clinical and scientific colleagues in the field
  • to provide channels of communication within the profession


The membership is open to professionals whose work involves contact with families or individuals affected by or at risk of a genetic condition. Whilst in many cases, members are working within a Regional Genetics Service, increasingly those working in allied areas such as oncology and fetal medicine have found membership of the Association beneficial.

Prospective members will usually have a qualification in nursing or genetic counselling and must be nominated by two members of the AGNC/BSHG.

Membership of the AGNC includes membership of the BSHG - for enquiries about membership follow link to http://www.bshg.org.uk/society/join.htm



The BSHG produce a twice yearly newsletter with articles and news from all affiliated societies. Judith Edhouse is our editor for the AGNC pages.  The closing dates for newsletter contributions are April 30th and November 30th. If you would like to send an article to the newsletter, please contact Judith Edhouse at  Judith.Edhouse@leedsth.nhs.uk


It was agreed at the 2001 AGM that minutes from the AGNC committee meetings and working group meetings will be available at request from the AGNC secretary (email address above).

Minutes from all Committee Meetings are also available from your  Regional Representative.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2008 held at AGNC Spring Meeting, 15 May, London.

Working Groups

To ensure that the profession continues to develop several groups have been identified to consider issues which the AGNC feel require a UK wide perspective.  These include:


AGNC Representatives on BSHG Council

BSHG Council includes representatives from each of the constituent groups. BSHG Council discusses issues relevant to BSHG membership as a whole, e.g. response to requests for information from other organisations such as HGC, do once and share project and plans for future BSHG conferences, and the constituent groups report back to Council.

BSHG Book Club 

AGNC members are eligible to use the BSHG Book club with Oxford University Press and Scion Publishing. 

Oxford University press: 20% discount for all members

Scion Publishing: 20% discount for all members